Jerry Daquawn Brockington, better known as “Cokeboy Brock” was born on October 22,1986 in the Bronx, NY. Raised by his mother, Shevonne Brockington and stepfather, Booker Jacobs, the family of three lived at the Eden-Wald Projects, to Clay Avenue, and finally Bathgate Avenue where he met his friend for over ten years French Montana.

 At the age of 12, Brock had experienced his talent in basketball where he played in summer leagues, featured in local newspapers, and received many trophies. Shortly his dream NBA career ended when he was incarcerated at 16 for a drug possession and served a few months in jail. At 17, Brock came home and participated in a DVD projected called “Cocaine City” that was started by French Montana. “Cocaine City” was known for interviewing upcoming artists and premiere music videos. Also, while working on the DVD, Cokeboy Brock started working on music where he began rapping with French Montana and Droop Pop.

 Four years layer in November 2006, Brock was arrested again at age 20 for armed robbery. While in jail, his first child was born, a daughter named Nyjeria Moore. During his two year sentence, to pass time in jail Brock began reading more and worked on his music. In August 2006, he was released and met Max B with French in the Bronx where he began working in professional studios. Unfortunately in May 2009, Brock was arrested again for a parole violation and served time in jail for a year. With constant thoughts of his daughter at home and the talent he had with music, he vowed to himself that it was time for him to make a change and pursue his rap career. After his release date in May 2010, Brock continued to stay in the studio. Later that year, he took part on the Cokeboys 1 Mixtape with French Montana and other various artists and took part in the first Cokeboys tour.

 With his name progressing, Cokeboy Brock started performing in more music shows around the country, featured in radio interviews and began working on his first solo mixtape. On February 6, 2012, Cokeboy Brock’s first solo mixtape called The Blackout was released. Within 2012, Brock released two more mixtapes called The First 48 and Blackout 2 and traveled more within the country for his talent to be heard and seen. Now in 2013, Cokeboy Brock next mixtape called Blackout 3, is approaching its release date. This mixtape is known for having more collaborations featuring west coast artists Dubb, Mitchy Slick, Compton Menace and the Cokeboy family, French Montana, Chinx Drugs, Droop Pop and Cokeboy Cheeze.

 Cokeboy Brock is know for being hardworking, but when he is not in the studio working on is music he spends time with his family and daughter and waiting on the arrival of his second daughter expected in April. Be on the lookout for future projects and music videos of Cokeboy Brock that will be announced soon.