Michelle Galas-A&R Coordinator United Kingdom

Michelle Galas Biography

IMF 2014

As a French Groovy  singer songwriter living in UK and passionate by USA’s Music business drive; I have always been interested in the artist as a “product” for the music business and always want to understand why such or such artists are more  successful than others. It is only when I have started my music label Groov’Earth Records in 2008 that I have understood the business side of the music. By managing my music label I have self learnt about artists individualities, music marketing, music promotion and analyzed how the music revenue is made by whom and for whom. And my conclusion is that most artists have forgotten their real role which is to impact the society with their music, lyrics and image and they do not know or understand how to achieve that.  Today, I totally understand what unsigned artists are going through to make it in this music business. All is about the product (music and lyrics) you put out there and what you want people get about it.

 That is why I have created a blog “Groov’Music Marketing” www.groovmusicmarketing.wordpress.com to give my opinion about  what I am seeing and observing everyday  in music marketing and promotion and a group on facebook F.M.B.A (Free Music business advices) to inform artists about what is happening in the music business not as the Media Flash it but from the business point of view so they can get access and  knowledge of useful tools to market and promote their music.

I am building up my music label Groov’Earth Records “Music to Groov You life Up” the main goal is to give back music creativity and lyrics their main values , and uses the creativity mindset as the main device to market and promote music in order to impact the society.

Being an A&R at IMF is a great opportunity to work with a team and also to improve my knowledge of the music business via artist’s music style and personalities. My slogan is “map  your music career Strategically and Creatively”  my motivation “be the one who Groov the World do not let the world Groov’You”.