ROBERT FORD- A&RTyler, Texas

DJ 3cp aka Rob G to some I spent many years just trying to make it as a rapper posting freestyles on music forums getting so much hate and talked about how my music was not good but I made my name known from just always being on there pushing my music that was just recorded with cheap mics and had no money to get it fixed right. This was all around 2001 moving to Houston in 2004 I had started to get a feel of what I need to do in order to be respected so we and that is me and my cousin who was my artist started to think of names for the label we thought playa made records I used that for a while until I found out it was even more people with the same name so we rode around one night talking and thought 3rd coast pimpin ent it stuck with us and I been using it ever since. Being around so many people who dj rap and knowing  mangers label reps from forums on I learned a lot about what I had to do to make good music we made a album called welcome to east texas I was manager I mixed and mastered our tracks set up shows and everything . We recorded so many nights inside one of our closets and that cd is still on my datpiff page today .

The one song that took us to getting more promotion was “playa like me” a hit that every body loved when we did it at shows. Even tho I had to pay for shows then I keeped finding any and everything to get out there. Djing was something I wanted to do but just never took time to learn and I tought myself after we had our run we both became busy with other things I took to djing as my way to get other artist music heard after we had been already on the road doing shows with “k rino, trae, esg, big pokey, chalie boy, etc’ I would hear many opening acts just like we where and some I did like.

I did my first gig at 220 lounge the same place I stepped on stage to do my first opening act as a rapper, and I went on to do online radio show 3rd coast pimpin radio with out of south Carolina where I gained more fans over there east coast area I started my mixtapes series swanging in texas and im going into number 7 now and now im getting music left and right thousands of views and downloads when back then I was lucky to have 1 person play my track that I posted online. Now I have a better following and it will get even better my twitter is daceo3cp facebook rob daceo and datpiff is daceo3cp you will find any my mixtapes there ‘swangin in texas vol 1 to 6”.