Bio: Location: From the Bay Area, lives in Atlanta At 6 ft. 8 this multi talented artist has the stature for both the small and big screen. His charisma and presence is not only seen but felt and envelopes his admires with a sense of comfortable foreboding that instantly captivates them always having them looking to be a part of his next ‘big move’. Graced with lead actor appeal and charm combined with electric stage and musical chops He offers devastating good looks for the ladies and rawness for the playas……..Deaveru is destined to be the Next Big Star!! DEAVERU: The Bay Area native moved to ATL to live, play Basketball and to pursue his music career. KRUNKPHY is a prolific songwriter, cutting edge rapper, sought after producer and astute businessman. He is CEO of the Korporation, where he heads the music/media production and is currently preparing to put out a roster of new artists under his tutelage which will showcase the artistry and cutting edge musical innovations for which the Korportion is making a name for itself. He is also the COO of FUTRA Media: Multimedia Company which produces/distributes music videos, IPhone apps and select TV and Film Production events.


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PERFORMANCES: Performed live at Kamal 21’s Big Bash Christmas Black Hollywood Party in Atlanta. KRUNKPHY performed and taped a video for his new single “Twerk Twerk”. The ATL crowd went crazy as KRUNKPHY dropped $100 dollar bills to the gyrating vixens accompanying him as they performed with him on stage. Girls in the audience couldn’t help but to get up and dance to Kyrukphy’s hypnotic beats as the DJ spun it back one more time for the approving crowd. When asked after the set was finished, the house DJ quickly confessed that the single ‘Twerk Twerk’ is a” Club Banger” and it should be played in all the clubs and should have more nationwide exposure. KRUNKPHY who is currently on a promotional tour from Cali to Las Vegas to the ATL is represented by Alexis Levi Sports and Entertainment Group. Other performances includes: Opening act for KVN Gates along with The Brotherhood in Louisiana, the CAU & Morehouse After Party, Josephine's Lounge, Single Release Party with DJ Kool Ace, DJ Ray G ll and DJ Theory, Young Thug Mixtape Release. He was recently interviewed live on Power 88 Las Vegas, as a Featured Artist on the ‘ HoTT SpoTT Magazine, HoTT SpoTT Radio’ show. When asked what is in KRUNKPHY’S future, the emerging icon stated more shows, a photo shoot for HoTT SpoTT Magazine, Producing KRUNKPHY TV and more interviews on KRUNKPHY Radio.