Freekey Zekey even though his personality contains much humor he is indeed a businessman who currently serves as President of Diplomat Records who wears many hats as he lets you know who is the man behind the music "Freekey Zekey has been the President of Diplomat records the day Cam'ron signed his first solo deal with Sony Records. I've been doing my thing as a boss since '98 and been running hard body since."
Having such vital experience as President Zekey, he breaks down why a big time artist like Cam'ron wanted him apart of the team and breaks down why he was a major role in the Diplomats movement as he explains "It was a business/friendship with nothing but loyalty attached to it. Anything Cam asked for, he saw that I went to a great length to get it done. He knew I tried to do anything and all that trying turned into success. That's what he needed, somebody he can tell one thing to do and know it will get done with no worries." Zekey endeavors in the music industry are strictly business and while he loves to laugh and joke, he knows it’s always time to play after business. With that being said he knows what's important as soon as the people will know more about Freekey Zekey the artist. Speaking more in depth "I love to laugh, joke and play games but I'm serious like the death in cancer. People have to understand when working have fun but don't forget a job has to be done."
With his experience over decade as president of successful label, Freekey Zekey has also founded his own label 730 Dips in which he plans to dominate the industry as a CEO finding his own star-studded talent as well. Zekey is definitely on a positive note especially after serving a three year stint in jail in Durham Correctional Facility for drug related charges. Speaking on his incarceration "I knew I had family that cared and loved for me, which I realized this is not to the place to be and once I'm out for good, I'm done. For them being hurt losing me in jail, if my lost my life in the street would’ve been triple worse, so I knew doing something positive is the only way." Wanting to tell his story to the public and show he's more than a boss. Zekey over the last few years has been on the musical grind, making a name for himself as an artist to show he's a quality hip-hop star as well that compliments his business ethics. Releasing his first solo album on Asylum records back in 2007 titled "The Book of Ezekiel".
While the first release was a test Freekey Zekey is now ready to come back stronger "Around the time of the release, we had some problems within Dipset with Cam and Jim, basically everybody just wasn't on the same page. Now Dipset is back we are going full force and things are going to be done right this time. The first project for me definitely was a learning experience.” Reflecting back on his label 730 Dips, Zekey speaks on what's to come next "I have my artists, Sen City, Tito Green and R.I.P. The late King Tut. We got together making real making melodic music that the streets feel in love with. This is a major movement out here". Dropping mixtapes from 730 Dips solidifed Freekey Zekey as an artist along with the fresh talent to join him.
Classic projects such as "Blame it on The Henny", "Gangsters Ambition" and much more. Currently working on his second album "Loyalty is Everything (L.I.E.) Zekey is happy to be progressing as an artist and speaks of the new album coming "Sometimes in life the people close to you end up being Judas and stabbing you in the back! Wanting to leave his mark on hip-hop Freekey let's it be known how he wants to be viewed with his closing remarks "I want everybody to say this dude was serious and had fun with what he did. He put his team back together at their worst time and Freekey was a real live dude". He followed the code of honor and he's a stand up dude that you can salute".