Rayshawn Stephens aka Ray Daniels.. was born and raised in Harlem, NYC.. As of his third grade year in elementary school, the principal told his mother..If he comes back next year and we have to suspend him.. He'll be expelled..Coincidentally.. That year.. the Boys Choir of Harlem audition kids throughout the entire school district looking for new students.. Ray passed his audition and was invited to be apart of the Boys Choir of Harlem Academy.. Within joining the Boys Choir of Harlem, founded and directed by Dr. Walter J. Turnbull [R.I.P].. Ray has toured the globe..Spain, France, and the Bahamas are stamps in his passport plus 40 + states in the US. The least to say.. this is where his love for music has been established !!

Fast forward to life after BCH.. He attended the Institute of Audio Research back in 2000.. Has worked for a recording studio intern [TMF STUDIOS, CREDIT: GIRLFIGHT SNDTRCK, FAT JOE], Distribution label intern [Edel Entertainment/Red Distribution], and a prominent magazine imprint [ THE SOURCE MAGAZINE, 2008, VIDEO DEPT].

Ray has joined IMF as an A&R and is grinding to bring the greatest and hottest artists to IMF and to assist in the advancement of the careers in artists already with IMF.. OH YEAH..He also GOT BEATS !! RAY'S CREDO: MY EAR IS A SAMPLER, MY MIND IS A MIXER.. WHATEVER LEAVES MY FINGERS.. WILL LEAK THROUGH YOUR SPEAKERS !! - RAY DANIELS