Rodney Jackson-A&R Memphis

Rodney Jackson fell in love with music in his home state of Mississippi. Eventually, he move to Memphis,where his dad was a bouncer for a nightclub and the big events in the city. His dad was aware of his passion,so he he motivated Rodney every chance he got. His dad would bring him autographed pĆ³sters home and allowed him to come backstage with him.

Being around that environment, he was exsposed to all types of major artist including the ones from the city. Living in Memphis he continued to visit his home state,and Louisiana his state of birth where his Mom resided.During the summer vacation he would bring local music with him to Mississippi& NewOrleans and ask the Djs to play it just to see the crowd reaction.

His passion grew deeper when  he bacame good friends wit a legendary writers son and seen the Platinum and Gold plaques in there home. Its was through them he was groomed for the business. Basically from Memphis days until now I can truly say music has followed me says Rodney. He has done everything from promoting,managing,production,and artist development.